Disclaimer for Future Friends

I am overly blessed with countless great friends. Most of these people already know the nature of my faults and I do not need to explain further.  This, however, is a disclaimer for future friendships. I have this one friend who has literally taken a shovel and dug me out of the deepest holes at the last minute so many times I think her arms must be getting terribly fatigued. See appendix A….

I am driving to work one dark morning and realize in the middle of the intersection in the adjacent town to where I am headed that there is no way I am going to make it in time to drop two kids off at two different places and make it to work by 8 oclock.  Not a big deal right? In most positions, I could waltz in, explain to my boss, 'hey sorry it was a rough morning', arrange my things at my desk five to ten minutes behind schedule and get on with my life.  Wrong.  Wrong when you are an opening pharmacist to arrive most days with an already formed line of crabby pants people waiting for drugs they NEED and a computer queue full of 80 prescriptions already set to fill that morning.  I instantly burst into tears realizing my vastly inappropriate estimate at driving time.  I call said friend (actually she is a saint).  Said friend asks where I am.  I tell her.  She says, you’re joking right.  I say, unfortunately no. She tells me not to worry that she will meet me at the store to take one of the kids. And adds that she also remembered to pack my oldest her peanut butter sandwich, as the previous night I panicked because I was out of bread. Strike two. Keep in mind this is all happening around 7 am and I haven’t even given myself a fair shot at failing yet. I showed up at the parking lot with hardly a minute to spare, still one kid in my possession, a mascara stained face and ready to start my ten hour shift at the den of love and happiness. Yes, I too am not sure why this one sticks around. Quite baffling.

One of the things I am most thankful for in my ‘new’ life is the opportunity to come to grips with relationships around me that I may have been letting fall to the wayside.  I have had an overwhelming presence of ‘good’ people around the past few months and had the chance to cultivate and nourish friendships with old and many new friends that have been my saving grace. My heart is very full.  

So, two things.  First, future friends: I will never have all my sh*t together.  It’s just the way it is.  What you see is what you get. I try really hard and I love hard. I am a disheveled, horribly unorganized mess most of the time and sometimes I need you to help me pick up the pieces. Period. That being said, I consider myself fairly present and intentional despite my chaos.  Life is an adventure.

Second: sometimes we are graced with the presence of those people that simply make us better.  And that is what a true friend is.  I may suck at a lot of things, but hopefully I bring something to the table, somehow.  I am lucky enough to have a handful of these friends that are pure rays of sunlight in my life (stole that one), and I am eternally grateful for you. If you need me, please ask because I am often oblivious and don’t always know. Even if only for a glass of wine, slice of pizza, and a rant. Mostly wine.  

These are just a few of my favorite people - if you are not pictured, it is because you need to come visit and bring me cake.

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