Kid Christmas Program - You Are Dead to Me

So I just went to my daughter’s Christmas program.  She is in Kindergarten and I was super excited to see her all dolled up in reindeer antlers with a handful of jingle bells, belting our favorites at the top of her lungs.  And then the strangest thing……. She didn’t sing any favorites.  Or any songs I had ever even heard of.  The picture below is a horrible picture.  The lights were off, and my attempt to blur out the children who do not wish to be famous created a grainy work of art.  Interestingly, they ARE wearing Santa hats, however not performing anything mildly pertaining the old man (from what I recall, but I could have just been distraught). Do you remember that part in the movie “Love Actually” where the mom is shocked by the fact that the kid lands the part in the nativity play as the ‘first lobster’? Equivalent feeling here.  

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I am troubled by this for a few reasons.  Let me preface by saying, that I DO whole heartedly appreciate the school staff taking the time to do music with these little people and that despite my humble opinion, it was still painfully adorable. In addition, the kiddos did a great job following instruction and doing what it appears as though they were supposed to be doing (but how would I know). However, I am troubled first because I have to wonder was this intentional as to not ‘offend’ anyone by ‘Christmas’ music? I mean honestly, what is this world coming to?!!  One of the songs was something like “Merry Christmas to you from the Red, White, and Blue”.  They waved tiny American flags in the air (instead of jingle bells).  It felt more like a tribute to Independence Day and I waited patiently for the fireworks to start blowing up from the sidelines of the gymnasium.  Literally, nothing had to do with anything Christmas-y.  I sincerely hope that this is not the case.  That we are not THIS terrified of saying and doing the ‘wrong’ thing.  Secondly, I am bothered because now this is what my kid thinks is normal.  This is not normal people.  It is a lapse in tradition. Last I checked, nobody ever died from belting out Frosty the Snowman. I just wanted to see and hear her sing Jingle Bells while flailing some freaking bells around in her hand.  Is that so much to ask?  I hope this is not the current 'trend' and that maybe it was a fluke. Next year we will get back on track, right?  Right.  I hope you all have the merriest Christmas.  Surrounded by ones you love, worshiping Jesus, throwing bells in the air, and smothering one another in anything else that might be perceived as offensive.

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