Winter Book Love

I am lucky in book love lately, friends. I realize I am late to the game on some of these, but really - check em out.  PS - is anyone else kind of sick of the whole ‘star’ rating system?  Because I am.

Still Alice
Lisa Genova


An older title, published in 2007, but definitely worth the read. Even as a healthcare professional, I find myself a little naive as far as Alzheimer’s Disease is concerned.  Alice has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is a successful Harvard professor who is found to have early onset Alzheimer’s. What is heart wrenching, yet informative about this story, is the character’s inability to separate reality from demented perception, even though she had fully prepared herself for the worst of the disease. From writing herself letters and notes, to making a plan of action as to instruct her own self what to do once deterioration was inevitable, she gave it a valiant effort.  As successful as Alice was in her professional life, she could not evade the horrific progression of the illness and the effects it would have on her family.  I gave this one 5 tulips because I feel like I read many fiction novels that are inconceivable. However, this one is unfortunately a possibly likely scenario in so many households.  This is a sad one, but a good one.

Everything I never Told You
Celeste Ng


Four tulips for this one.  This is the first time I had heard of Ng, and I fell in love with her writing style. This story describes the mysterious death of a Chinese American family’s ‘favorite’ daughter. Without giving too much away, the book is full of secrets and a constant struggle to overcome diversity. It is also a reminder of the social scrutiny put on interracial relationships and the fact that this is still an ongoing battle for many. Basically, Lydia is found missing and even though you think you have it figured out, the brutally sad truth is revealed at the end….  A great read.  Celeste Ng’s next novel is on my to read soon list.  Keep ya posted.

The Mothers
Brit Bennett

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I could not put this one down.  Nadia is a high school senior and mourning the death of her mother when she begins a romantic relationship with the local pastor’s son.  The romance results in secrets, rumors, and controversy within the small church-going community.  Disclaimer, there is some racy content in here.  However, I kind of enjoy things that are more raw and real.  Less rainbows and unicorns. This one met those criteria.  The author’s style is very simple and confident and lacks the showy-ness (not a real word) that some debut novels exhibit.  This one is also sort of sad.  But again, real.  And I’ll take that over a fairytale any day. Four tulips.


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